Our Process

That same utmost precision applies to the processes employed throughout today's metal industries. 'Rexton' (Steel & Alloys) is truly a high-tech industry with automation and advanced technologies driving the way we do business. Some of the most advanced technologies methods available are utilized throughout the metal product manufacturing process, which enables the industry to maximize efficiency while minimizing the industry's environmental footprint.


Planning is a step to decide the concept, design and steel material of any product. Various information on the initial concept design including material properties can be provided.


Design is a step to confirm the manufacturing process of the product and material grades to be applied. In this step, mechanical and physical composition of material grades, material standard, structural integrity, and formability can be conducted to suggest the final design.


Fabrication is the manufacturing operation for making components, Its an industry term that refers to the manipulation of raw materials (such as steel) to make metal products and structures


Quick delivery is the core strength of Rexton business module. In our delivery program, we have a broad range of steel and alloy metal products. We offer both standard and non-standard format sizes.